DJ Slick B, aka “The Flyest DJ on the Planet,” is based in Detroit, Michigan birthplace of innovators and Motown legends. DJ Slick B’s ambition and dedication has positioned him to be one of the best in his profession while “making it look easy,” but there is a story behind DJ Slick B’s success.  DJ Slick B has always had an extraordinary ear for music. There was a time when he was labeled “The Aux Cord King” because he was known for playing music or DJ’ing through any available device.  It was not until July 19, 2015, at his son’s 2nd birthday party, that DJ Slick B became serious about his craft. He purchased his own equipment and decided to become a DJ. He is a self-taught professional, putting in long hours and sleepless nights to hone his skills, but it has all been worth it to pursue his passion.  DJ Slick B is a versatile DJ who provides a diverse selection of music from all genres and eras. However,what makes him unique is his ability to connect with the crowd through music. His style and showmanship are amazing and cannot be duplicated. In addition to the music, “The Flyest DJ on the Planet” is definitely a fashion trendsetter matching any ambiance you create and elevating any event he spins.  DJ Slick B’s business background has quickly gained him a large clientele in a relatively short period of time. His portfolio includes everything from Dj’ing exclusive concerts for industry artist, upscale nightclubs, extravagant weddings, intimate occasions and business openings such as sip and shops. Many people support his vision and gravitate towards his talent, humbleness, and professionalism.  DJ Slick B is committed to deliver an unforgettable experience anytime he is booked.

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