Jasiah Releases Genre-defying New Track and Live Tour Video For “Break Shit”

Rap’s newest and most punk-rock artist, Jasiah just released an invigorating new track called, “Break Shit” along with a turned up “Live Tour Video” including footage from his recent sold out run of North American dates with $NOT.

Originally from Dayton Ohio, Jasiah is former Choir student and classically trained Italian Opera singer who now makes hyper-aggressive rap music which occupies the space between artists like XXX and 6ix9ine (if someone like Juice WRLD is an “emo rapper,” then Jasiah would be a “screamo” rapper). He doesn’t do drugs, is big on mental health, wants to encourage people to take care of themselves, and is very political. Sonically, Jasiah is leading the charge from emo / soundcloud rap to the genre’s full on embrace of punk and hardcore. He’s also very musically adept, a multi-instrumentalist who does all his own production.

Most recently, Jasiah just got off a run of sold out U.S. tour dates with $NOT on which he broke his arm moshing a week before the tours end.. instead of pulling off the tour, he got his arm wrapped in a soft cast and insisted on pressing forward, not only performing, but throwing himself into the mosh pit at every show – imagine if the moshpit from Rolling Loud had its own tour led by Juice WRLD’s evil screamo-rapper cousin who uses his Travis Scott-like stage presence to command an army of bloody nosed, crowd surfing, broken bones, stage diving teenagers. I haven’t seen kids going this crazy since Odd Future’s first performance in NYC, just instead of Mos Def climbing in the rafters, it was Travis Barker whaling on the drums. Even Lil Tecca was there going ham, dancing on a chair in the VIP section. Jasiah is about to turn rap on its head then throw it off stage and into his sea of rabid moshing fans.



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