June Poole Has A Music Video On The Way!

Independent artist June Poole is hyped to announce the music video for his latest single ‘Red Flags’ is on the way! Originally from Hayward, California he now lives in Los Angeles to be closer to more opportunities and networking/connections. He also is taking dance lessons, vocal lessons and perfecting his stage performance while in LA. Although he’s new to the game, he’s already managed to land an opening act for the Migos and worked with Clayton William from Empire records as well as growing a decent following in that short time. However, he stated ‘this is just the tip of the iceberg for me and my career.’

During an interview, he mentioned that his biggest motivators and support system are his parents and sisters. It encourages him to work hard everyday and make it happen for them. We then asked him what got him into music in the first place, he said that ‘music has always been an essential part of my life – a way to escape certain things.’ Which is why he wants to make an everlasting impact with his music for his audience and fans. 

June has been playing around with music for a few years but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit back in March 2020, when he decided that life is short, so why not spend it doing and going after something you love. Ever since that day he’s been working on his craft full time between all of the classes he takes and making over 20 songs in the last year, it’s safe to say that 2022 will have a lot of greatness in store for him. 

When asked about his inspiration for his music he mentioned he looks up to Drake, Chris Brown and Partynextdoor. He’s also been compared to Chris Brown before, as well as Jeremiah. He talked about his ability to change his sound by going back and forth from rapping and singing. He’s positive that 2022 will be a great year for him and career now that he’s living in Los Angeles. So be on the lookout for the music video for ‘Red Flags’ and whatever else the new year will bring by following June Poole on his social media platforms. 

Make sure to stay connected with him on all social media @junepooole

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