Jutes Announces New EP With Lovesick Single “Say It First”

Los Angeles’ Jutes is lovesick—and sick of L.A.—on brand new single “Say It First,” out today on Capitol Records: LISTEN HERE. Having amassed over 20 million global streams from his debut EP and early singles, the alt/pop/rap chameleon is also announcing the release of his sophomore EP, A Really Bad Dream, out October 22.

Continuing the romantic trap-pop saga of last month’s Tarro-produced single “Bad Dream,”“Say It First” finds the Canadian artist soaking his broken heart in heavy bass and woozy electronics, while getting candid about love and life in L.A. Jutes admits to feeling helpless, laying out his woes over a steady, spellbinding beat. “I know we can make it work, ‘cause it feels like we’ve been together for many lives,” he confesses. “I know you don’t fuck with diamonds or the ladder that I’m climbing. I love that you keep it real as shit with me.”  

The authenticity at the core of “Say It First” is also core to Jutes, who has always followed his heart. His intuitive approach and resolute determination are exactly what lifted the singer and songwriter up from a small town in Ontario, Canada. Young Jutes grew up an only child on a 300-acre farm, soaking up the sounds of Red Hot Chili Peppers, OutKast, and Ludacris, and trying his hand at basketball, then film school, then—finally, lucky for us—music.

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