KES Invite Listeners To Trinidad & Tobago on ‘Jolene’

Trinidad & Tobago soca stars KES welcome listeners to Carnival season in the Caribbean with the release of their first 2022 single, “Jolene,” today. The track, which premiered with Complex UK, is out now on all DSPs via California-based Ineffable Records

The first taste of an upcoming album planned for this Summer, “Jolene” is a buoyant celebration of good vibes and rolling waistlines, blending the infectious rhythm of soca with afrobeats and other influences for an instantly-classic, island-pop jam. 

The track, produced by Trinidad’s Dwala, arrives at a time of year when soca acts typically flood the market with new music to set the vibe for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival in February. With Carnival celebrations on pause for a second year, KES, also known as KES THE BAND, reached outside the box to create a record that would pull listeners deep into the Caribbean, no matter where they find themselves in the world.


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