Key Glock Takes the Show on the Road with “Glockoma Tour (The Vlog)”

Key Glock makes tour life look easy. Pulling back the curtains on his spring 2023 “SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation Presents: Key Glock – Glockoma Tour,” the Memphis artist shares “Glockoma Tour: The Vlog.” The feature-length vlog shows Key Glock making good use of his time on the road with his Paper Route Empire associates including Kenny Muney and Jay Fizzle, who provided support on the tour alongside XXL Freshman TiaCorine and Dallas riser BigXThaPlug. Whether he’s taking time to brush up on his beat making skills in the studio, shopping for his next outfit to bless the stage in, or wondering who bought a pack of raw ground beef as a snack on his stoveless tour bus, “Glockoma Tour: The Vlog” invites viewers to experience Key Glock’s fast-paced lifestyle from his cool and collected perspective.

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