King Von + Fivio Foreign Release A Chicago x Brooklyn Drill Combo With “I Am What I Am”

As Lil Durk’s labelmate, King Von, rises in the rap game, there’s one thing I can tell you he’s not about to do–  change who he is. In his latest video, “I Am What I Am” featuring Fivio Foreign, Von is making it known exactly who he is and after watching, I can assure you that he (and my boy Fivio) are not ones f*ck with.

Feeding off each other’s energy, King Von and Favio Foreign light up Chicago’s O-Block with their electric chemistry in “I Am What I Am”. Evoking the chaotic DIY energy of the earliest Chicago and Brooklyn drill music video, the two emcees confidently trade bars as they sip Henny, count cash, and whip around in a Rolls Royce Wraith, promising a bad time for anyone who looks at them the wrong way.


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