L.A. Rapper Rob Vicious New Video For “Wat It Do”

He’s a mainstay on the L.A. rap scene, but Rob Vicious often returns to his Southern roots in his music. Kicking back in a blood-red room with a crew of close friends, the Shoreline Mafia rapper shares Wat It Do,” his new video. A sinister anthem with subsonic bass and ominous high-key piano notes, “Wat It Do” echoes the pitch-black horrorcore pioneered by Three 6 Mafia in the 90s, as Rob barks double-tracked missives against fakes and lames: “Hope you with that sh*t you rappin’ on the mic/Ask yourself, are you really bout that life?” In the video, Rob presides over an intense function, mobbing with his crew as he goes buckwild. “Wat It Do” is the latest video from Rob’s Breakthrough mixtape, following the similarly dark video for the DJ Paul-produced L3V3L.” 

The product of a year’s worth of tireless recording, Rob culled the project’s 13 tracks from a pool of over 100 demos, selecting the hardest-hitting and most personal of the bunch. The resulting body of work reveals a new side of Rob Vicious, balancing outlandish flexes on tracks like the club-ready “GET A BAG” with deep introspection–he marvels at how far he’s come on “MENTAL WARFARE, self-medicates to escape his darkest thoughts on “FORREAL,” and searches for a way forward on closing trio “WAT U THINKIN, “ANGELS V DEMONS,” and “OVERDOSE.

“I was talking to my mom and explaining what I was going through,” says Rob Vicious. “She kept saying, ‘It’s alright. It’s a breakthrough’. I replayed that through my head for like three weeks. It explains everything perfectly. When you listen to this, it sounds like breaking through some shit, fighting demons, and combating pain from every angle—personal things, family, and friends. I honestly didn’t know what the fuck to do. I had to fight it, stick to the music, and talk about it. In a sense, it brought me some type of comfort.”Rob Vicious

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