Los Angeles-based emerging artist L0veaca is an alternative trap artist on the rise, and even more so, a rockstar brewing. Heavily motivated by authenticity and individuality, the rising artist is ready to put his foot on the gas. With a futuristic sound, L0veaca is bound to expand his Fanbase. He recently unleashed a new LP titled L$D (Life School Dropout) — a 13-track collective by L0veaca that was passionately curated, and a very great first impression for this new to his discography. L$D the LP is an extension to L0veaca’s first EP The God Particle, and the response has definitely been good. Affiliated with rising record label GHTL, the Richmond, VA native is ready for the heat all summer.

Moving around LA and bumping elbows has been doing wonders for L0veaca, but he recently stepped back into his hometown to rock the state via L$D THE LIVE EXPERIENCE. Headlining his own show where it all started, will give L$D a great advantage for organic growth. If you are in the Richmond, VA area, make sure you go check out L$D THE LIVE EXPERIENCE. Make sure you keep up with him here.

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