Laaawwd Drops New Album From Qatar’s Most Expensive Hood – Banana Island

Described as the playground of Qatar’s obscenely wealthy, Banana Island served as the celebration spot for Laaawwd’s latest album, “Veni Vidi Vici.” The follow up to the Dubai resident’s 2019 release, “Do Buy”, this latest is an 8-song collection of pure drip. 

“This  project tells a story from the struggle, to the grind, to the come up.” the Houston native turned jet setter explains. “Veni Vidi Vic”i highlights the hustler in this artist.

“Like Yea” ft Rocky Bloodboa & Quinn is a pre-gaming club banger that is sure to turn its listeners up. Though an artist first, Laaawwd  builds his followers by being an international star, networking and country hopping; expanding on his experiences, thus expanding the realness of his content.

“Just Laaawwd, doin Laaawwd sh*t.” he offers with a shrug.


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