Las Vegas Native Shiloh5001 Drops Off His Thrilling New EP, ‘Death of Me’

Over the last 20 years, Hip-Hop has taken over as the number one genre in the world, which has led it to evolve in different directions at a rapid speed. One of those marriages, which was first tested in 1986, is the union between Hip-Hop and Rock, specifically the harder stuff. Hailing from Las Vegas, rising vocalist Shiloh5001 has firmly established himself as a leader of this sound on the west coast and he checks into our pages for the first time with his anticipated new EP, Death of Me.

Produced entirely by Enrique Ortega, Death of Me is an engaging, high-octane project that finds Shiloh leaving no stones unturned as he skates through the project. At 5-tracks, he takes advantage of the sparse runtime, showcasing his impressive versatility throughout the 13-minute EP. While songs like, “Hellfire,” and, “Sacrifice,” do a great job of highlighting those aforementioned qualities, the sure-fire standout from the project is, “Death of Me.” Baring the same title as the project it serves as an intro for, “Death of Me,” is Shiloh at his absolute best as he effortlessly sets the tone for the rest of the project by immediately endearing the listener with his signature sounds, right before introducing them to qualities he’s improved on.

Take a listen to Death of Me below and get familiar with Shiloh5001.

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