Lil Durk worked hard to reach superstar status, and he’s bringing his team along for the ride. Recruiting his Only The Family brother Chief Wuk, Durk and OTF share Turkey Season,” a new music video. Produced by the all-star team of ATL JacobTM88, and TooDope, “Turkey Season” is an energetic banger that mixes the expansive sound of ATL trap with the ominous vibes of Chicago drill. The beat provides the perfect canvas for Chief Wuk and Lil Durk to trade verses and support each other with hype ad-libs as they celebrate their lucrative business deals and salute the late King Von. Directed by Crownsoheavy, the video is a comedic snapshot into the pre-fame life of Lil Durk, as he and Wuk stumble upon an unsecured truck packed with bags of chronic and take off with the product before the driver can stop them.

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