Lil Rottie Shows Fans What it Feels Like To Chase A Dream In New Music Video For “Destiny”

Lil Rottie finally gives fans his perception of what it feels like to drop it all and chase after his dream of becoming a global star. 

In the new video for his latest track, Destiny”, Rottie shares a story of what it felt like as he walked into this industry with nothing but a dream and hope, and has now transitioned into a star in his new hometown in Las Vegas. 

In a recent interview with him, Lil Rottie explains how it was just a year ago when he decided he was going to drop it all to pursue his music career. “I was tired of working for another person  and clocking in to a 9-5 to make minimum wage. One day while I was drenching in sweat from walking all day for work, I came to my senses that I couldn’t do it anymore. It was at the moment where I had to realize my worth and prepare for what my next journey would be. November 2020 was the last month I worked. After that, I went and chased my dreams. I’m still not where I want to be but I’m on the way. It took a lot of blood sweat and tears to get where I am today.”

Watch the new video now on!

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