Lil Scrappy & the Dog House

Since the beginning of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta we have witnessed Lil Scrappy dig himself into quite a few holes but last night on part one of the reunion we saw Scrappy take his lies to a whole another level. Last night Scrappy found himself sitting on the reunion stage with not only his child’s mother (Erica D.) but also with his two side chicks (Bambi) and (Erica P.). From the start we expected that there would be tension between Bambi and Erica P. but the secrets that came from Scrappy’s baby mother was more than we imagined when she exposed Scrappy for denying their recent “hook-up’s”; but as the saying goes, “What’s done in the dark shall come to the light”. In response to Scrappy denying his recent dealings with his ex-fiance she provided a hotel bill proving that she was with Scrappy while also giving details of their activities that got a little explicit. In defense of the truth that came out Scrappy decides to swear on God and his young daughter as an attempt to not appear guilty. Scrappy then decides that he should take it a step further and volunteer for a lie detector test … which he failed! It’s never surprising when a rapper lies about the truth in order to protect himself but when you bring God and your child into the equation you cannot fail the lie detector test.

The moral of this story is, when you are stuck in a situation with the mother of your child and your two side chicks never turn on the one whose most likely to have evidence of your dirty deeds.

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