Listen to Maryland Rapper Jaco & His Reflective New Project, ‘Pure Soul’

Hip-Hop has always been one of the more versatile genres on the planet, and it continues to splinter off in many different ways. One thing that never leaves, though, is the ability to completely unload your feelings over a steady drum beat with infectious lines and engaging cadences. No matter how far Hip-Hop travels, these notions are always the backbone of whatever is most respected at the moment. Hailing from Maryland, rising rapper Jaco understands this notion, as he completely bares his soul on his impressive new project, Pure Soul.

Clocking in at 7-tracks, Pure Soul finds Jaco completely baring his soul, rhyming about the mountain of topics on his mind. Taking advantage of crispy production that sounds tailor made to his vocals, the Maryland rapper takes no breaks over the 22-minute project, resulting in a passionate, engaging performance that helps each line cut a little bit harder. Songs like, “Relate,” and, “Smooth,” serve as perfect examples of this, with the former serving as the project’s intro, eagerly introducing you to what you’re about to experience throughout the project.

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with the Maryland emcee.

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