LONA Drops New Single “Black Paradise”

A burgeoning London quartet with uber amounts of substance and momentum, LONA are surely one of the capital’s brightest acts. With tastemaker support behind them, the band are back with “Black Paradise”, their first release of the year.

While their previous single “Not Listening” leaned towards alt-pop and electronica, their newest release draws from their indie tendencies with fresh influences of Hip Hop with its boom bap production. LONA are born out of a love for the unconventional, and they fuse the two realms together with a rap-sung approach over a deep, dark record engulfed in the mystique of its storyline.

Providing further insight to the narrative of “Black Paradise”, the band shared: “Black Paradise, a tale of two lovers both battling through a dark depression. So desperate, they decide they search for happiness alone. Setting each other free seems like the only option. But realise their only chance of survival is together.”

With every new release, LONA continue to build in confidence and in strength, fuelled by their ethos, talent and production ability – poised to catch the attention of many. For now, be sure to keep tabs on this outfit as they brace themselves for a massive year ahead.

Stream : https://fanlink.to/BlackParadise

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