London’s Rising Star Jay Bizzy Unleashes His Stylish New EP ‘Hoodsomnia’

With multi-faceted rapper, musician and creative Jay Bizzy delivering his vigorously anticipated EP Hoodsomnia, alongside a sharp official music video for lead record “Nostalgia.”

Consisting of 6 melodically driven records, Hoodsomnia weaves Jay Bizzy’s emotions from one song to the other, integrating smooth R&B with intoxicating road rap touches as the Nigerian native explores his complete artistry, seamlessly bending words to his will with a conversational cadence of a veteran in the game. Notable tracks like ‘A13” and “Helpless” embody similar themes of aspiring for better, reminiscing on old memories and redemption, while soothing listeners with a wide array of mellow vocal melodies and gritty penmanship. Leading with the super-charged “Nostalgia”, we see the emotive overtones come to life with an eclectic set of visuals – boasting sharp cuts that contrast Jay’s silky melodic hooks as he brims with confidence now flourishing the fruits of his success.

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