M3LO Capone Speaks of Trials in New Track, ”Vindictive” 

For Chicago- based artist M3LO Capone, coming out the trenches of south Englewood has been story of his life. Growing up wasn’t easy for him – he’s experienced losing close friends to being a victim of police brutality. This year, Capone translates his pain and struggles in his latest mixtape, “All Gas, No Breaks”, a collection of tracks that share his story to those who can relate to living through tough, life- changing situations that have been brought upon them. 

The Chicago native shares with us that going through tough situations for years as a young boy, he’s been able to find a way to translate his thoughts and motions to hardcore street tracks that are relatable to those who know what he’s talking about. His ultimate goal is to get others to relate to his story and be motivated to get out of the trenches and make a name for themselves. Capone tells us, “ I plan to connect with people everywhere and have longevity when it comes to this game, having a career that pays well and will open the doors for other lanes in life.”

In his latest track, “Vindictive” along with intense visuals, M3LO Capone expresses how it’s now his turn to get back what was taken from him and he’s pretty bold about it, too.

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