Imagine a world where pain dissolves into pops of color and trauma transforms into art meant to be passed along like a smile. Alt-Pop wunderkind Madeline the Person unlocks that world on her debut EP, CHAPTER 1: The Longing, out today on Warner Records. Listen to CHAPTER 1: The Longing HERE and watch the video for her new single “I Talk To The Sky” HERE.

Sonically and visually, “I Talk To The Sky” brings listeners right into the heart of Personville—her rainbow-colored art emporium where all humans and all feelings are welcome to express themselves. In the clip, she bounces on a trampoline against a clear cloud-less blue sky. The video jumps from her in a valley ensconced by mountains to sitting on a bed in the middle of a field, clutching her teddy bear as she sings. The earthy beat underscores an emotionally charged elegy as she confesses, “I write down the things I wish I could say to you. I talk to the sky.

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