Mani Mandela and F Kay Share New Song ‘Dollar Bills’

Mani’s back in style and this time around he features Nigerian youngster, F Kay to follow the money trail on ‘Dollar Bills’.

‘Dollar Bills’ expresses everyone’s desire to reap abundance after an easily bad year and with a catchy hook that goes; ‘’On me, dollar bills on me/This year we counting money/Noni Noni (2X)’’, who wouldn’t sing along?

Mani’s message is set on uplifting spirits onto riches and in his own words, ‘’It’s like daydreaming and living the rich lifestyle at the same time’’. But it’s not all about the greens, Mani also wants God to drive bad company away from him amid other blessings. Again, the act delivers in a touch of Bulisa; an entertaining aspect of his sounds as many have come to admire, whiles F Kay drops some spicy Yoruba chants sure to get listeners pumped.

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