Massachusetts Native Chew Checks in With His Engaging New Project, ‘Emerald Eyes’

While the Northeastern region of America presents a string of major cities that line up perfectly for touring, many of the smaller cities in between have had to work twice as hard to establish scenes of their own. Hailing from Lynn, Massachusetts, rising rapper Chew has been gradually establishing himself as a presence in Hip-Hop, and in turn shining a light on his town. Looking to keep the energy flowing, he checks into our pages for the first time with his engaging new project, Emerald Eyes.

Emerald Eyes encapsulates a moment of time and energy and invites the listener to shift their perspective to a broader scale. Through the exploration and nurturing of many sounds that stem from the vast influences of Chew, he was able to create a time stamp of a very transformational point in his life. Chew is interested in knowledge, growth and relation and through his analysis of personal experiences wants listeners to understand they are never alone in any thought or feeling, however vague or detailed it may seem. Throughout the album Chew discovers that there is something to learn in every idea and with that comes something new it can turn into. Showcasing an empathetic pen that is more relatable than most, Emerald Eyes reminds us that there are lenses through which we view life, and we have the choice to see the reality we want. But we realize we cannot get there without first enduring the microscope being placed over ourself.

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with Chew.

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