Michelle Ayers Takes the World by Storm with Her Smash Hit, Fast Steppin!

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The music icon has truly made a resurgence in 2022 with her smash hit, “Fast Steppin”. The track has experienced a meteoric rise on several global music charts. It is fast approaching a million streams on Spotify. “Fast Steppin” has truly taken the world by storm. The hit single even made the widely coveted Kemet music charts. At some point, “Fast Steppin” was second in the world on the Kemet charts. Furthermore, the track recently went number one on the Urban Fire charts. Michelle’s “Fast Steppin” even caught the attention of massive outlets like The Hype Magazine, ThisIs50, BMS Chicago and Medium. All 4 outlets recently made feature stories about Michelle and her smash hit. “Fast Steppin” has inspired music fans from all around the world to simply dance and take a moment to appreciate the blessings in their lives.

When Michelle is not busy captivating global audiences with her music, she is busy propagating positive change through her non profit. She makes it a point to give back to communities all over the world. It is her mission to empower all upcoming artists who may be in need of funding. Besides her philanthropic work, Michelle has also set herself apart as an accomplished serial entrepreneur. She runs multiple businesses including her very own insurance company, Allisay Financial Services. Michelle is also the founder and host of the standout show, “New Artists Meet The Pros” which is available on radio and YouTube. It seems that at the heart of everything Michelle does is her profound inclination to give back to the music industry and empower future generations of artists.

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