Mike Shinoda Presents First-Ever Generative Mixtape ‘ZIGGURATS’ NFT

 Upholding a tradition of embracing technological advancement in art and breaking ground, Linkin Park’s multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award-winning vocalist, songwriter, producer, and illustrator Mike Shinoda presents his new “generative mixtape”ZIGGURATS NFT today. The six-minute and 45-second music and art project went live on the Tezos blockchain, as a collection of 5,000 exclusive NFTs—each one an ownable collectible with unique music and cover art, no two alike, designed by Shinoda—which sold out in minutes onZiggurats.xyz. He celebrated the news live on the official Mike Shinoda Twitch Channel where he raffled off a ZIGGURATS NFT to a member of his community. Even though it’s sold out, fans can visit Ziggurats.xyz to view and listen to the entire collection (VIEW COLLECTION). 

A version of the mixtape hits streaming platforms tomorrow, Friday December 3. Pre-save on DSPs HERE.

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