Multidisciplinary Musician Chi Waller Switches into Alternative R&B Gear with Second Release of “6×6” Run

The indie genre-bending artist Chi Waller’s new single “Blow Me”. Last month Waller kicked off her “6×6” run where she is set to release a new single every month through the end of the year.

 “This is really a personal challenge for me. I’m definitely more of a quality over quantity kind of artist, but I also know the demand for quantity has increased tremendously; so it was very important to me that I challenged myself in a way that I could boost my quantity of releases in a year without sacrificing the quality,” Waller last said of the run.

“Blow Me” is a sultry and melodic alternative r&b record that presents a very different side of the Chicago native. Though the title and introduction of this song seems to be headed in a provocative direction, the chorus soon reveals that Chi’s interest is far from erotic, but a strong desire to connect with a particular woman on an intellectual level more than anything. The Queer artist paints a vivid picture while showcasing her range and versatility like never before.

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