Nell Burna Is Star On The Rise

Independent artist Nell Burna is not your average musician. He is someone who has been through and seen a lot in his life so far and he is not afraid to channel it in his music. Nell Burna has collaborated with an artist by the name of Xanman. He is an artist from Maryland who I also q star on the rise. The duo has a song out now titled “On The Low” that is a fan favorite and has received much success since the release.

As an artist who is most known for his style and delivery, Nell Burna is paving the way for those who choose to follow in his footsteps. He does this by networking and building relationships with people in the industry and staying active.

Nell Burna has many goals that he hopes to achieve throughout his music career. By making hit records, inspire others all over the world, feed his family, and give back, he his moving in the right direction and is without a doubt on the road to success! Listen to Nell Burna below!

Instagram: nellburna1

YouTube: NEllBURNA                                               

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