Eastsidebaby Tdot – ” I Feel Good (Official Video)” 

When we think of Eastsidebaby Tdot, we think Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When we think Eastsidebaby Tdot we think superstar status. So, when you think Eastsidebaby Tdot think, next up, on point, the future. Allow us to take you through the reason he is telling the world “I Feel Good”

Born and raised in East Baton Rouge Baker, Louisiana, 27-year-old Troy Eley Jr aka Eastsidebaby Tdot has been focused on the business of music early in his life. Overcoming the struggles in his life, which includes the loss of his mother to domestic violence. Tdot was able to take his pain and use it to fuel the music that became his professional career. What more motivation can you get than to honor the woman who gave birth to you.

 Lyrically he chooses his words wisely and his beat selection helps him take anything he is developing to higher levels on a consistent basis. Real life experiences, true stories and relatable topics are what give Eastsidebaby Tdot the advantage he needs to be on top of his craft. Teaming up with producer Trell it’s a Hit, they came up with the dope song “I Feel Good” where he is motivated, focused and on top of everything.

 Understanding the devils that also plague the music business, he understands he must keep his business straight and guard up. “I Feel Good” is the representation of that which is pushing him to becoming mainstream, headlining shows on the biggest stages.

To get even more tuned into his music stream the official video for “I Feel Good” on YouTube now.

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