New York Rapper Ricky Mapes Links Up With Texas Emcee Fatboyshaun to Drop Their Nostalgic New EP, ‘Evil Twin’

In almost every facet of entertainment, nostalgia sales. Now, to smart consumers, they’re able to tell the difference between paying homage and just being creatively lazy, but when they situation works, it always works big. Coming from New York, rising rapper Ricky Mapes and Texas emcee Fatboyshaun understand this notion perfectly, and they are nowhere near the latter term. Looking to establish they sense of creative chemistry, they check into our pages with their engaging new EP, Evil Twin.

Coming in at 7-tracks, Evil Twin is a brisk 15-minute listen that finds Shaun and Ricky taking turns going back and forth to see who can sound more sinister. Utilizing nostalgic energy, smokey melodies and dusty drums, the duo provided silky smooth verses over the project, culminating in standout tracks like, “$5 Advil.” Produced by Micro, this record finds Shaun and Ricky getting a bit more charismatic, as they feed off each other’s energies to bounce off one another over the classic production, evoking memories of 90s New York rap with a modern twist.

In all, Evil Twin is a smooth listen that’s worth your 15-minutes. Take a listen below and get familiar with the rising duo.

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