Noisey Finds That Rapper Received Threats From Zulu Nation Affiliates Before His Murder

Its about Noisey’s latest story on Grandmaster TC Izlam, the former Zulu Nation member that was found dead after receiving threats from the group’s affiliates. Less than a month before TC was gunned down in Atlanta this June, he gave a chilling interview to filmmaker Leila Wills in which he said he feared for his life. The interview was for a forthcoming documentary detailing sexual abuse allegations against Zulu Nation founder and hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa.

51-year-old rapper, TC Izlam, alleged he’d been receiving threats from members and affiliates of the Zulu Nation after he resigned from the group and refused to help with damage control of Afrika’s molestation scandal. Leila Wills tells Noisey when creating the film, “He [TC] sent me through all kind of rigors before I could meet with him and before he would give me his address. He was constantly watching his back.” As the threats continued to pour in, TC left New York and traveled to Massachusetts and Connecticut before ending up in Atlanta where he was killed.

“TC said he had received numerous death threats via phone calls from what he described as ‘Bambaataa’s fan club.’ He said the threats accused him of disloyalty to ‘the Father,’ and that he would ‘end up in a box.’” – Willis

Afrika Bambaataa’s first public accuser, Ronald Savage, explained to Noisey that TC reached out to him two days before his murder. “He needed to talk to me. What I do know is that he was scared, very scared all the time that Zulu was going to get him.”
Before He Was Shot Dead, Rapper Allegedly Received Threats From Zulu Nation Affiliates:

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