North by Northeast (NXNE) Artist Applications Are Now Open

North by Northeast (NXNE) opens its free, 2023 artist applications! NXNE continues its commitment to inclusion as Canada’s leading annual festival of emerging music by having no applications fees to perform for the second year in a row.

“We had thousands of bands apply — and hundreds play — from diverse economic and social backgrounds in 2022 when we eliminated the application fees, and NXNE was richer for it,” says NXNE president Michael Hollett.

The festival is open to most genres of music and is committed to diversity and gender equity in its  programming decisions.

“We are certain we received a much broader range of submissions because of our no-fee-to-apply policy,” says Hollett. “A wide range of genres and economic backgrounds were represented in our applications. And, as a result, NXNE is able to provide a much more accurate snapshot of the emerging talent in this country right now.

“In addition, we will keep the cost of attending the festival low — full-festival pass was only 20 bucks last year — thereby helping ensure these bands have full venues when they come to Toronto to play. We remain committed to creating the best possible experience for performers at NXNE.”

Links to the free NXNE Artists’ Application Form is now live on the Festival’s website,

The 2023 festival dates are June 13 through 17. NXNE was launched in 1995.

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