$NOT is back today with the music video for “Life” from his recent album Beautiful Havoc, available everywhere via 300 Ent. The first time I listened to Beautiful Havoc, “Life” stopped me. $NOT is known to have his emo moments, but there was something so honest and vulnerable about this song that I was just entrenched in it. This is the line that immediately pulled me in: “In a world full of hate mixed with all of loneliness / So point that gun to my head and watch my soul leave my skin / And people askin’ me if I’m ok, doing fine (I’m okay) / I’m okay with dyin’ in the field, that a peaceful place.” It’s raw, it’s honest and it’s something that so many people are struggling with, and I feel that $NOT being so open about his depression and experience with suicidal thoughts allows so many to feel less alone.

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