OGEE1523 Discusses Bringing Music Back Alive and New Single “Get Em Up (Birthday Vibe)” Featuring Fatman Scoop

You just released a new single “Get Em Up (Birthday Vibe)” for the New Year, what was the inspiration behind the song?

The song “Get Em Up (Birthday Vibe)”, featuring Fatman Scoop, is a fun birthday song that everyone can have a good time dancing to. It’s a song for all ages, and it’s a song to bring everyone together. My inspiration for the song is putting the fun back into music, nowadays music isn’t fun anymore, and I’m here to save today’s music.                                      

How did Fatman Scoop get involved? What was it like working with him?

Working with Fatman Scoop is amazing; he’s very professional and very humble.  He’s the type of person that when you work with him, his good spirits will rub off on you. He’ll guide you in the right direction and make sure your song sounds right. Plus, I have been a fan of his for so many years, so I was very excited to work with him.  Fatman Scoop got involved with the song through my Son Oun-p, they were in the studio together, and my son played the song for him; he loved it. He didn’t believe I was Oun-p’s father; that’s what really made him want to get on the song. The words from Fatman Scoop, “This is not a young man’s game, this is a good man game,” that’s exactly what I am a Good Man. Fatman Scoop is someone you have to appreciate in the music business. 

You have been in the rap game for a long time. Why was this song so special to you?

This song is special to me because of the good vibe that’s coming with it, and for a person like Fatman Scoop to hear something special about this song that made him want to get on it. I love to see people dancing and having fun, and I’m more than happy to see them dancing to my song, and that’s special for me.

Tell me about the video. What should be people expect when they see it?

The video is directed by Shawn States (31mediagroupllc). It’s a fun l video with lots of love and happiness, the crowd jumping, getting hype, smiling, and having a good time. It’sa video that’s going to make you smile and think, “Wow,we need more videos like this, 

What else is coming for you in 2022? 

What’s next for me is promoting the new single, getting a billboard in Time Square to help promote the record. I’m going full force on promotion during the month of January and working my upcoming album titled, NEVER2LATE.

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