#BrandNew: @OGGLIVE x @OGMaco: OGG The Movie

OGG the movement is crazy and the presence grew to a empire. Today OGG drops their visual to show the growth straight out of the mud. OG Maco takes us on his journey of building his brand. Where it all started basically. Introducing everyone and showing love to the ones that helped. Honestly it wasn’t a overnight success story for Maco and OGG. It took alot of hardwork and long nights. Once you watch this you’ll understand why artist at times have to draw that line in the dirt. Hardwork pays off for the ones that actually put in the work! Not to many artist or movement can document how it all started. This is a great film to showcase this new rage sound coming out of Atlanta. The goal is to celebrate the accomplishments of his crew OGG (Originality Gains Greatness)

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