OriJinal Shotta Is Putting On For Omaha, Nebraska

New artist OriJinal Shotta is ready to showcase his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska in the name of hip-hop. Being born and raised in Omaha, Shotta knows firsthand the struggle of trying to branch out of his city. He affectionately refers to his city as “Atantis”, because of how often his hometown goes unnoticed, leading others to believe that the talent there doesn’t actually exist. Before his music journey began, Shotta was already a natural born hustler, having bred French Bulldogs as a career. Though he still commits to this career, he was also approached for an opportunity to make money and build a career using his artistic talents. Realizing this was a perfect opportunity not only to generate another stream of income, but to give his hometown a chance to showcase its undiscovered and overlooked talents and abilities, Shotta jumped at the offer and began to dive deeper into creating music.

Shotta has dubbed himself as the Trap Coach, using the power of music to inspire and teach his audience to go hard for their dreams and goals. It is important to him that his audience understands what it means to make it out of the mud and into the spaces they know they deserve to be in. OriJinal Shotta has recently released a 3-track EP by the title “I Got Plays.” The EP serves as a set of instructions which Shotta uses as his “hustle blueprint.” His message is clear: if generating money is the goal, there is always a way to get to it. Shotta explains to his audience that utilizing their talents and skills can be a useful tool into making money, but one needs to develop discipline, commitment, and consistency as a proper mindset into getting the work done. His plan is to use his music to teach not only those in his hometown, but to anyone who chooses to listen to his music, the art of hustling and how to go about making a name for themselves, essentially coaching them through the process. Shotta’s hope is that he can inspire his audience to change their lifestyles to become better and stronger people.

 With promoting his new EP, Shotta dons the responsibility of being the voice of his hometown. He wants to represent the overlooked talent his hometown possesses, so that more of his peers will be able to make their way out and into new spaces, ultimately putting Omaha, Nebraska on the map. Shotta expresses that even though he wants to show off his hometown, he still plans on keeping a low profile the way he is accustomed to, which is also something he enjoys and appreciates. He wants to take the hustlers route in focusing on the goal of generating income to live a better life. No matter what career path he decides to venture into, he will always remain a hustler at heart, doing everything he can to advance to the next level. OriJinal Shotta’s EP, “I Got Plays”, was released on December 31st, 2021. The EP has 8 accompanying videos so far, all of which are available to experience on Youtube. The EP is available for streaming on all platforms now.

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