OT The Real & DJ Green Lantern Feat Millyz – “Go To War”

Recognized as one of Philadelphia’s hottest underground artists, OT The Real has been making a name for himself in recent years. Adopting the moniker “OT,” from being on the run from MASS and DEL in 2010, OT’s first introduction to music was through a Spanish family who took him in and had a studio. After coming home from prison, OT added “The Real” while creating social media accounts for his music.

Residing in the notorious hood of Kensington, which CBS dubbed “The Wal-mart of Heroin,” OT perfectly captures the struggle many face from the area.

Though he was sent to prison shortly after discovery his passion for music, OT made the most of tough times. Battle rapping his way through prisons like Graterford and Camp Hill, the guards would have to shut down yards in fear of riots ensuing from OT’s jaw-dropping punchlines.

OT The Real & DJ Green Lantern’s Broken Glass will be released on 12-10-21 and features appearances from Benny The Butcher, Uncle Murda, ETO & Millyz.

You can now purchase, add and favorite Go To War at your preferred DSP: https://orcd.co/gotowar

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