Peewee Longway Shares Video For Spritely And Smooth “Pink Salmon”

Wielding a malleable flow and a million watt smile, Peewee Longway is a pillar of the Atlanta rap scene. Kicking back and showing the world how he lives, Peewee shares Pink Salmon,his new music video.”Pink Salmon” features a percolating beat from ATL sound architect Cassius Jay, who layers spritely synths over swinging percussion. Peewee opens up his bottomless arsenal of flows, rocking side-stepping cadences and melodic runs as he boasts about his boss life: “Thotiana, Blueface/Calamari, two plates/’Rari came, new plate/Chop the brick and serve the souffle.” In the video, Peewee kicks back in a stately mansion, accompanied by some gorgeous ladies and close friends, as he counts his cash and challenges his bae to a game of chess. “Pink Salmon” is the latest video from Longway Sinatra 2, Peewee’s upcoming project, following December’s video for “Anxious.”

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