Philly artist OT7 Quanny releases newest single “Dog Talk”

Ot7 Quanny
is a passionate street lyricist with a lot to prove going into 2022. Coming from Philly, there will always be a lot of obstacles. He’s been known around his way for a while. North Philly is one of the roughest areas in Philly. He describes the area as rough, but he knows it helped shape him as a man and as the artist he is today. Those experiences will push you to be a star or move you towards a destructive path. 

His newest record, “Dog Talk,” is a statement to all those who ever did him wrong in the past. He starts the visual with a clip from his interview with Dirty Glove Bastard. “Trust” is one of the biggest lessons he ever learned, and now it’s hard for him to trust anyone. OT7 Quanny has been making waves for a minute. This past year he has seen support from OVO Sound Radio, Pitchfork, was even listed as one of Audiomack’s 10 Rappers You Should Know and even received cosigns from his rap peers 22Gz & PNB Rock this year. “Dog Talk” is full of witty punchlines and various scenes of the North Philly representer. Rap is not for everyone but Ot7 QUANNY is built to last in this industry. He’s strong-willed and always looking to create a moment on each track. 

Every rapper flexes money and cars, but QUANNY has the streets behind him. You cannot fake true a cult following , and his social media and YouTube comments are filled with just that. “Dog Talk” is just a sample of what is to come next coming off the heels of his most popular track “Write A Book“. His music is raw and unfiltered. Fans of rappers like Babyface Ray, EST GEE and Icewear Vezzo will love Ot7 QUANNY. His sound leans more towards the Midwest, but he still embodies the classic Philly sound that the world fell in love with.

Watch the new single “Dog Talk” below and leave a comment.

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