Philly Native Lil Rekk Doesn’t Have Time For Clout Chasers In “Ooters” Video

With his sights set on being the next rapper to blow up out of Philadelphia, Lil Rekk (pronounced “Lil Reek”) combines his true-life experiences with upbeat tempos to create a distinct Hip-Hop style of music he calls ‘Manhattan Vibes.’ Coming through with a video where he makes his priorities clear, Rekk shares “Ooters,” his new video single. Confronting a relationship where she was only interested in his fame, Rekk lets his vulnerability show, rapping: “I was down bad, she ain’t show love, now she wanna come around / She want me to fall in love with her, but my heart won’t allow.” 

In the video for “Ooters,” Rekk bounces between spending time with a woman in a sleek apartment and rolling around the city with his crew. 

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