Phoenix Joans & $ir Williams – Never Fades

NJ artist Phoenix Joans and NY artist $ir Williams’ voices fuse together perfectly, wonderfully complimenting the calming themes of “Never Fades”. The two embody the idea of two lovers in the midst of admiration. Joans’ vocals are smooth and serene as she sings about sunshine and rain, and Williams more than holds his own, providing great contrast with his bass tones. The piano instrumental, courtesy of Fongbeats and $ir Williams, is cheery and radiant.

“Never Fades” was, according to the artists, intended to provide a moment of peace for listeners in a time of chaos, and it certainly delivers on that front. Any listeners looking for a song to drift off to in times of turmoil should check out “Never Fades.”


Twitter: @phoenixjoans @sir.williams__ @fongbeats

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