Polo Perks Announces 11/19 Release for “I.C.F.M. 3” Mixtape + New Video for “DraftKing”

Polo Perks, a key member of New York City’s hottest underground rap collective SURF GANG, has just shared his new single “DraftKing” with the announcement of the November 19th release for his upcoming mixtape, I.C.F.M. 3. The track is bouncy and stylish, displaying Polo’s natural knack for making music that captivates the ears of the youth. Though the music may be laid-back, the cinematic visuals that accompany the track are anything but. Paid for by the sports tech entertainment company, DraftKings and directed by the Reel Goats, the music video is akin to a trailer for an upcoming superhero movie, showing Polo intensely dunk a basketball from the depths of the stratosphere in Space Jam fashion. From the vivid imagery in the music video, to Polo’s slick rhymes and catchy melodies on the track, “DraftKing” is a testament to the ingenuity and creative vision of Polo Perks. There will be a mixtape listening party for tonight in Long Island City for Polo’s die-hard fans, giving his audience a taste of what’s coming ahead of the November 19th release of I.C.F.M. 3.

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