Pro Material Applies Pressure With New ‘Second Helpings’ Video And New Project ‘V-Mail: Better Late Than Never”

Independent rap duo PRO MATERIAL releases their latest single and video entitled “Second Helpings” which demonstrates the relentless grind of lyricists whose inspiration comes from a positive transfer of energy. Gilz and Banks engage in a cyclical lyrical process to display their creative genius. 

 Recorded at Suite 16 Studios in Tampa with their engineer MixedbyVic, PRO MATERIAL delivered a “no hook” track. Instead the duo viciously traded punches on the Buckroll-produced track, painting a picture that their backs were against the wall and they were continuously fighting to make a way out of the situation. 

 Their East Coast sound is apparent on a number of songs including “Second Helpings.” Influenced by groups like The Lox, Mobb Deep, Method Man & Redman, Dipset, and legendary rapers like Fabulous, Jay-Z, and Nas, the prolific rappers are determined to proved that they belong on the highest stage.

 PRO MATERIAL is set to release another project called V-Mail: Better Late Than Never at the end of March. Additionally, the duo will drop a bunch of visuals for tracks from their most recent projects including “Final Boss Music” a single from the Talent Over Politics 2 project. PRO MATERIAL anticipates performances at a number of different venues too.

 “Second Helpings is an opportunity to give rap enthusiasts what they crave.  When something is so good you have to get another plate; that’s what we hope to deliver.”

On March 25, Pro Material released a new project titled, “V-Mail: Better Late Than Never” available on all platforms. It is the second installment in this series, with the initial project released in February 2021. On this project, they collaborated with female vocalist, Jae DaBae for a couple of records like Change Positions and U2U. This project is a great follow up mixtape style project remixing some records we are very familiar with like Loose Ends, “You Can’t Stop The Rain”. In “Change Positions”, it also contains a sample of Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat.”

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