Rapper’s Who Remixed Tay K’s “The Race” [MoneyBagg Yo, Big36oz, Lil Yachty, Key Glock, etc]

17-year-old rapper, Tay K released his single, “The Race” online June 30th. The song has since gone viral and has caught the attention of mainstream and indie rappers. Tay K is currently in prison for his alleged involvement in multiple murders and other crimes, which validates the vulgar lyrics in the song.

Check out other artist’s unique spins to Tay K’s, “The Race” below:


Location: Atlanta, GA

Instagram @Big36oz

MoneyBagg Yo:

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Instagram @MoneyBaggYo

Lil Yachty:

Location: Atlanta, GA

Instagram @LilYachty

Key Glock:

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Instagram @Keyglock

Fetty Wap & Remy Boyz:

Location: Paterson, New Jersey

Instagram @Fettywap1738

Lud Foe:

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Instagram @Ludfoe_boochiegang

Slim Jesus:

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

Instagram @iamslimjesus

Rico Recklezz:

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Instagram @bigrecklezz

Lil Mouse:

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Twitter @MouseMyers

Trill Sammy:


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