Riiyoo & Lil Lee Drops New Visuals “Unavailable”

Atlanta rap duo Riiyoo & Lil Lee release the video for their latest project and lead single titled “Unavailable”. The video sums up the cool ATL scene of nightlife and Southern Music, bringing to life the track itself with words that show why anyone can be deemed as being unavailable.

This “money loving” anthem is something everyone on the grind will find relatable. Options are part of the lifestyle and when you are out here doing what it takes to stack your money to the ceiling, it leaves no time for meaningless interactions. If it’s not about money, then we’re “Unavailable”!

Being from Atlanta the duo are not new to breaking the mold on the music scene. Growing up as childhood friends and now business partners has created the successful drive and opportunities for the rap group to showcase their talent to the world.

Stay updated with the group here: https://6ixxentertainment.com/blogs/news/riiyoo-and-lil-lee-unavailable

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