Rising Artist Griff Galexxzee Drops “Facts Over Feelings” Album

Griff Galexxzee, Canadian pop/hip-hop/R&B singer songwriter and music producer dropped is new album, “Facts Over Feelings” on all music platforms.  The music video for album single “Groove” also released.  Griff has been writing and making music for himself and his fellow artists from a very young age. Growing up in Regent Park area of Toronto, Griff, a hyperactive child would calm down when his sister played music for him.  From that moment on, music became embedded in a young Griff, even before he was fully aware of its depth and effect on him.  Time would tell that story.  The popular Canadian artist has been on the Grammy ballot four times, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song, Best Rap collaboration and Best Rap Album.  

Griff Galexxzee is known as a multi genre artist.  His keen music adaptability has kept him working not only on his own music but for many of his fellow artists. On stage and in studio Griff has worked with artists such as a young up & coming Drake (This World) and was featured alongside Jay-Z, T.I, and Rhianna in “Always Thermo.”   The multi-talented artist was featured on Coast-to-Coast mix tape Volume 67 alongside Drake, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe and Akon.  Griff Galexxzee was one of the first Canadian artists to have his music (Radio Laser) aired on France Radio.  His Single “New Style” was featured in Toronto Fashion week and on Chicago independent radio and played on Power 103.5, Hits98fm, 104thebeat, wild92.7 and 102hits.  Griff Galexxzee has a long career ahead of him.  Whether working on his own music or on others, the deep-rooted feelings and skills of the artist is evident.   

Watch “GROOVE” music video today. 

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