Rising Canadian Artist BAINS. Checks In With His New Video For, “Rough Night”

Over the last few months, rising artist BAINS. has been actively turning heads due to the impressive rollout of his recently released album, Punch Drunk. After releasing a handful of well-received singles, the Canadian artist quickly turned his attention towards the promotion of his album, resulting in a new, engaging fanbase. Looking to keep that momentum going, he unveils his new video for a standout track from the album, “Rough Night.”

Appearing on his new album Punch Drunk, “Rough Night”’s dusky, immersive production creates a solid foundation for the artist’s smooth vocal performance. While his melodies are laid-back and catchy, beneath the surface his lyrics are dark and personal, as he reflects on the consequences of partying, drug use, and escapism. “Rough Night” makes for a relatable listen for many listeners overall, pairing thought-provoking themes with infectious instrumentation to make this an offering that is simply easy to re-visit.

The accompanying visual utilizes settings in the interiors of bars and night life venues to capture the song’s themes, and in each venue, BAINS. is alone, which enhances the themes of isolation and depression that can be brought about as a result of over-doing it with partying. It’s an effective way to convey the song’s message, and is bolstered by the performance from BAINS. himself, which is confident and engaging throughout.

Take a peek at the video below and get familiar with BAINS.

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