Rone Shares Stunning “Nouveau Monde” Short Film Shot In Haiti by Director Jérôme Clément-Wilz

Nouveau Monde” (New World) is a statement of intent from Rone’s new album Room with a View, and the only track on the album where spoken words take the lead. It opens with a discussion led by an astrophysicist-philosopher and a science fiction writer on the need for society to redefine its heroes and mythologies in order to bring about a harmonious and viable future.

What if these new behaviors were to be found in the communion rites of the Haitian carnival? While Jérôme Clément-Wilz, the director of this new official video, has chosen to mute Alain Damasio and Aurélien Barreau, he also seems, in his own way, to present a narrative of this theme where religions, cultures, body movements and facial expressions merge into a feeling of jubilant timelessness.

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