Last week Friday, Toronto R&B artist Roy Woods returned with the new love song “Touch You” on OVO Sound. Continuing his musical resurgence, Woods unveils the “Touch You” video echoing the song’s sentiment of longing for a distant lover. Premiered via COMPLEX, the intimate visual follows Roy as he is determined to stay connected to a love interest despite the seemingly unending separation brought on by the pandemic. From talking on FaceTime to relaxing on the beach, the visual is a cinematic fantasy that is all too real.

Roy says of the song: “This song is important because of how relatable it is. We are all still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, whether you are still living in lockdown like in Toronto, or you are experiencing the aftermath of the shift in culture that took place as a result. Covid-19 has affected us all. I wanted to create a song that shed light on this so none of us felt alone in trying to get through it.

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