Sacramento Rap Newcomer G-Mainey Delivers Hyphy ‘Angel’ Album

Co-signs from Cookies creator Berner and rappers such as SOB X RBE group member DaBoii have Sacramento rap upstart G-Mainey quickly ascending ranks in the Bay Area music scene.

Off the strength of the hype of his 2020 breakout hit “Better,” G-Mainey has pulled out all the stops for his 19-track Angel album.

Highlighted by high-energy bangers such as the Nef The Pharoah-leaning “No Sleep” banger and Berner assisted smoker’s anthem “No Mids,” G-Mainey insists Angel is his most advanced masterwork but ensures the project is still entirely geared toward offering his fans the sounds they love.

“This album challenged me to create something with substance, I feel like this project is what best defines me all while giving it that sound that my supporters love me for,” G-Mainey said. “I started working on this project at the beginning of the year, I took my time with each track making sure that the sound was perfected all while complementing each track with each other to make them correlate and make the tracklist feel connected.”

In addition to multiple popular 2020 releases including the club-ready “2AM” slapper, G-Mainey posted major streaming numbers on the board off the strength of his Care Package album — which has amassed well over 20 million streams to date.

Stream G-Mainey’s Angel album featuring Berner, Nef The Pharoah, Lil Bean, Daboii, Nava and countless others.

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