Atlanta Singer Shellie Sweets debuts Her New Project #SweetFix EP


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Shellie Sweets debuts highly anticipated EP

On April 25, 2016, Shellie Sweets dropped the Sweet Fix EP hosted by DJ Pretty Boy Tank on livemixtapes and soundcloud that features seven songs, all produced by Nedlog Era, and a re-release of the hit single DOPE!.

Shellie Sweets, a singer and entertainer repping Da Mound (Stone Mountain, GA), has been hinting at fans and followers that her very first project will be released after three years of performing the popular Trap Anthem DOPE! on the road. She’s finally taking you into the world of a beautiful maniac.

After surviving nine car wrecks and being diagnosed as “crazy” (creative genius bred from madness, rather) at an early age, doctors wasted no time prescribing a rainbow of pills to relieve the constant pain from her injuries. It’s hard to stay in the right frame of mind with such easy access to a sweet escape.

Through Sweet Fix, Shellie sheds light on a very dark stage of her life by boldly stamping her sound as Trap Gospel: jazz influenced production with heart pounding 808s that match the grit and hunger pains in her soulful voice.This vulnerable testimony tells the story of her rise to stardom, from the trials and tribulations of drugs, lust and learning self worth.

Now, in a place of creative clarity and peace, Shellie Sweets sings about turning her life around and cappin’ on the very thing that once held her down. Her music heals, uplifts and motivates the hustlers, lovers and strugglers that want to be set free from their own trap.

Listening to such an angelic voice sing “I can get a whole, a 7 or a O, long as I don’t sell my soul, I got it for the low” is so attention grabbing and trill! It’s like “wait, what did she just say?!”

So be careful, listening to Sweet Fix just might get you hooked.

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