Sin City Artist Doan Drops Off His Engaging New Video For, “Insane”

One of the most tried and true methods to breaking through the matrix in Hip-Hop is to provide consistently clean visuals. In a day and age where attention spans are small and people are constantly sharing videos, the ability to convey your personality and talent through visuals is crucial in today’s landscape. Hailing from Las Vegas, rising rapper Doan understands this notion perfectly, as he’s become known for his pristine music video releases. Looking to keep his reputation in tact, he resurfaces with his brilliant new video for, “Insane.”

Directed by Monsieur Leisure, one of the more immediate things that stand out about the video is it’s white canvas back drop. Instead of opting for the usual video props like cars, extra people, women or even money, he instead utilizes the canvas to bring the best out of Doan and his charming persona. It turns out to be a crucial decision as Doan exudes charisma throughout the whole video, taking charge and making it a memorable one. Produced by Asaiah Ziv, the production similarly gives Doan an opportunity to lean on his strengths, as he showcases an elastic flow that only takes breaks to highlight his knack for melodic progression. Serving as the lead single for his upcoming project, “Insane,” is a perfectly crafted showcase for Doan to put his abilities on display.

Take a peek at the video above and get familiar with the Las Vegas lyricist.

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