Sin City Vocalist Maejoy Returns With Her Engaging New Single, “Dark Side”

Staying consistent with your releases and content is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to build a fanbase. Hailing from Las Vegas, rising songwriter Maejoy understands this notion perfectly, as she’s spent 2022 releasing a steady stream of singles both solo and with her band, The Noir Movement. Looking to keep the streak alive, she returns to our pages with her infectious new single, “Dark Side.”

Produced by Jeremy Elises, “dark side,” is a lyrically engaging record that finds Maejoy infectiously showcasing her talents over the uptempo, synth-led production from Elises. Rather than highlighting her vast vocal range, she opts to mostly stay in pocket throughout the record, impressively allowing more focus on her lyrics, which paint a very poignant picture. Speaking to a lover, she croons about not feeling her best recently while starting to feel the fatigue of everyday life. With this bringing out a not so sunny side of her, she’s hoping her partner can bring some light to a dim time.

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